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Shomrei Hadath

View of London from Hampstead Heath, Licensed under Creative Commons

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Shomrei Hadath


Parashat Ki Teitzei, 5774

6 September 2014

We have recently seen a wave of excellent campaigns in an attempt to raise awareness and money for charity. ‘No make up selfies’ and ‘ice bucket challenges’ have together raised …continue reading Parashat Ki Teitzei, 5774

Parashat Shoftim, 5774

30 August 2014

The tragic untimely passing of Robin Williams raised many important issues that society is dealing with. Mr Williams inspired so many through his work and gave pause for thought in …continue reading Parashat Shoftim, 5774

Chumras: Toxic or Terrific?

20 July 2014

Rav Moshe Taragin of Yeshivat Har Tzion discusses chumras as part of our Sunday summer 2014 lecture series.

Parashat Nasso, 5774

6 June 2014

As human beings, our lives are often a complex journey around the thin line that separates conformity and individuality. Gaining control of when it is best to ‘fit in’ and …continue reading Parashat Nasso, 5774