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Shomrei Hadath

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Shomrei Hadath


Parashat Emor 5775

Editor’s Note: On 9 May 2015, Shomrei member Naomi Lester addressed the Shomrei community with the following on the week’s Torah portion.  Shabbat shalom everyone. Today I am going to speak …continue reading Parashat Emor 5775

Parashat Beshalach, 5775

31 January 2015

​Ever wonder how many Jews actually left Egypt? Rashi in Parshat Beshalach brings the medresh that explains the verse, “with chamushim the Jewish people went out of Egypt” Rashi explains …continue reading Parashat Beshalach, 5775

The Value of Money from a Jewish Perspective and Its Connection to Chanukah.

15 December 2014

Rabbi Moshe Mayerfeld appeared on to discuss the value of money from a Jewish perspective and its connection to Chanukah.

A Changing Religious Landscape: Implications for a World in Transition

04 November 2014

Ed Kessler joined us to discuss interfaith relations. Dr Edward Kessler MBE is executive director of The Woolf Institute. He is a thinker in interfaith relations, primarily contemporary Judaism, Jewish-Christian …continue reading A Changing Religious Landscape: Implications for a World in Transition

Parashat Noach, 5775

24 October 2014

Noah's Ark

During the dark days of WWII, Franklin D. Roosevelt said “In these days of difficulty, everyone must and shall choose the path of social justice… the path of faith, the …continue reading Parashat Noach, 5775

Judgement in Heaven vs. Judgement on Earth

10 September 2014

Dayan Ivan Binstock of the St. Johns Wood Synagogue discusses the difference between judgement in heaven and on earth as part of our 5774 Elul series on judgement.